Feedback from Carers

Here are some anonymous quotes from our carers…

“Pasda have provided me with many opportunities for the benefit of both myself and my family member which have made a huge difference to our lives. The staff are all wonderful, friendly, helpful and approachable, and I cannot praise them highly enough!”

“…you are very helpful”

“They are quite literally a life line and they are fantastic.”

“It is a great comfort to know Pasda is there and how i can contact office at any time for support.”

“I found Pasda workers and information from Pasda very helpful.”

“Have been A very big help to all the family to understand autism and help manage it”

“The workshop that I attended was well organised and leaders were friendly and inclusive.”

“The range of courses and other group activities is very good and I would attend more if time allowed.”

“Invaluable, helps also to talk to other parents.”

“Great variety of groups and workshops arranged. I use them myself and have recommended them to clients that I work with in my role as a carer support worker.”

“I have not been able to attend many of the groups or workshops because of family commitments, but I have always been made to feel welcome.”

“Pasda provides an excellent service and I know help and support is there if I need it!”

“Very helpful & informative.”

“I had very helpful advice last year from Pasda and would feel confident contacting them again. They provide a wonderful service.”

“Very helpful organisation and staff.”

“Enjoy the monthly meetings in Musselburgh. There is always good interaction between us and we provide a source of advice and support to each other.”


“A very useful network especially the annual handbook”

“I love the choir!”

“I am always very happy with the service provided. Some of the courses on offer I have already been to, inevitably.”

“Great service”

“I can’t get along to any meetings during working day. I’ve found the courses that Pasda runs particularly helpful.”

“I do not know how I would have coped with my son’s autism diagnosis if it had not been for Pasda. They are invaluable to me on so many levels. Both in practical terms and supporting me emotionally.”

“I couldn’t manage without Pasda. It has enabled me to cope with the stress of having a daughter with autism and helped me to understand autism and how to help her.”

“Pasda is an invaluable support in times of stress and worry. Choir is a relaxing hour to take time out for oneself.”

“The partners and spouses group is a life saver for me and my family. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive group. The social groups are good and are a constantly needed reminder that carers need to take care of themselves too.”

“Pasda as a network and support organisation usually succeeds. I have always found the staff very approachable.”

“Without Pasda I would be disconnected from help and understanding in relation to my son with Asperger’s Syndrome.”

“The groups etc are great. Every time I go I learn more and get enthused. But sometimes work takes over my life and other times I feel that I still face the same problems with my son so I lose heart a bit. But this is not Pasda at all. Pasda has helped my husband and me a lot.”

“Positive pathways was very useful and professional”

“Very approachable and friendly staff”

“The Carers Meetings are a great opportunity to meet with other Carers and provide mutual support”

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