The Turn2us website has information about benefits and grants and includes a benefits checker where you can anonymously input your personal information and see which benefits you may be eligible for. With means-tested benefits you will get an estimate of your award, and they also list other benefits which it might be worth applying for, such as Jobseekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance or Personal Independence Payment. Once you have found out what you may be eligible for, there are organisations like FAIR who can help you to apply. If you have done the benefit check on behalf of a family member with Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism, then they can get support from Number 6 as well.

You can also use the website to search for small grants. These usually come from trust funds that have been set up to help people, and you can use the money for anything from a holiday to new clothes, depending on which fund you apply for and what your circumstances are.

Pasda are also able to advise carers about benefits and grants, and then plan the next steps to take after that.


Here are some useful details when you are planning to contact the D.W.P .Job Centre about your benefits and some specific details about the Livingston and Leith Job Centres.

This first document contains some general notes when you telephone your local Job Centre: Click here to read the first one

Some specific information about visiting the Livingston Job Centre: Follow the link here

Some specific information about visiting the Leith Job Centre can be found here.