Standards of Service

Pasda services are accessible to all sections of society without reference to gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

We want to ensure that all who are in receipt of our services are treated fairly with respect. We will try and ensure that everyone will be provided with the support they require based on need.

Our staff will aim to be polite and helpful at all times.

When you write, telephone or visit us at Norton Park the person you are in contact with will tell you his or her name.

Services provided by Pasda are free of charge to carers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

An assessment of the service required will be made and appropriate help offered.

Any action taken will be with your full knowledge and consent.

The details of your enquiry will be recorded by the appropriate member of staff.

If your enquiry is outside the remit and scope of Pasda we will, with your agreement, refer the enquiry to a different appropriate agency. If you need advice or assistance in contacting the agency our staff will be pleased to assist you.

When you contact Pasda:

By Telephone:

When you telephone Pasda your questions will be answered as fully and as helpfully as possible. If your enquiry is of a specialist or more complex nature, we will endeavour to respond with the appropriate information within five working days. If this is not possible we will contact you to let you know of any delays and when we expect to have an answer. If you leave a message on the answer phone out of hours a response will be made within three working days.

By Post:

If you write to Pasda we will reply to, or acknowledge your letter within five working days of receipt.

In Person:

When you have an appointment an appropriate member of staff will be there to meet you and respond to your enquiry. You are free to bring a friend or relative along with you and they will be welcomed.

If you do not have an appointment every effort will be made to give you the opportunity to discuss your enquiry with the appropriate member of staff. If a member of staff is not available, an appointment will be made for you to visit the office when an appropriate worker will be present.


If you have any comments or suggestions how we might improve our services, please let us know.

Email: or alternatively call us on 0131 475 2416. Your views will be taken into account when we regularly review our services.