The Pasda Committee

Pasda Committee and Staff.


Top Row L to R  Carer Communication Officer Cath Purdie , Trustees Isabella Williamson and  Alice Foster.

Centre Row Pasda Convenor Susan Chambers

Bottom Row L to R  Varsha Choudhari (Treasurer)  Trustees Tom Wightman and Kirsten Mutch





The current committee of 6 elected members is responsible for compliance with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator as we are a registered charity.

The compliance involves preparing a financial statement and filing the annual report for public record  This could include involvement with  Autism Awareness Day, organising conferences, improving communication with our contacts, partnerships with other carer organisations and applications for new funding streams.If you are interested in being a part of the committee please contact a committee member.


Vacancy for Pasda Trustee                                                       

Pasda is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation that guides and supports parent-carers of autistic adults in the Lothians.

We organise informal coffee, walking, art groups and information meetings with speakers eg power of attorney, employment and housing options.  We also offer private interviews and complementary therapy and counselling when funds are available.

The board meets for 2 hours, Tuesday afternoon, once a month except August and December. The trustee roles are voluntary and are key to the governance, development and management of the charity.  There are currently 6 trustees, 4 retired and 2 employed, 4 with lived experience of autism, 2 identified as neuro-diverse and a variety of skills, including management, accounting, education and nursing.  We would like to increase the experience and skills of the board to help us continue to grow. The current gap is in relation to IT/ business / enterprise/ campaigning /fundraising/advocacy.

If you can offer these or other skills eg experience of autism, disability or other inequalities please see our website for an application pack and for further information contact The benefits of being a trustee is the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the families and is a rewarding experience.

Closing date for applications is 30th April 2022

Charity no SC042678


We have a vacancy for a Treasurer.

Pasda is a very small charity which supports carers of autistic adults and we are seeking a volunteer treasurer.  We have one paid employee and a part time book keeper at an office in Norton Park. There are approximately 25-30 transactions a month and ten hours per month should be sufficient for the role which includes the monthly Trustees committee meeting.


The principal duties of the Pasda Treasurer are:


1 Preparing budgets: The Treasurer prepares a monthly report for the Trustees committee in order that strategic decisions can be made. End of year Management Accounts are produced by Pasda’s external accountant. Following the AGM, where the annual accounts are approved, the Treasurer submits the annual accounts with the Trustees’ Annual Report to OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).


  1. Preparation of the annual accounts: The annual accounts are prepared by the external accountant from records produced by the bookkeeper. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring this process correctly reflects the decisions taken by Trustees, particularly in the allocation of expenditure to various funds.


  1. Payment of expenditure through internet banking: The Treasurer does not initiate any payments, but receives requests for payment from staff and/or the bookkeeper, and by effecting payment through internet banking, authorises them. Staff salary payments (including payments to HMRC) have been calculated by the payroll service provided by Scottish Council for Volunteer Organisations.


  1. Setting financial policy: The Treasurer sets and monitors the charity’s policy regarding financial matters – setting authorisation limits, expenses policy etc.


Susan Chambers BEM


Pasda Convenor

Phone: 07528519465