What we do

We work with family carers of over-16s with a diagnosis of, or suspected to have, an autism spectrum condition (ASC) who live in Edinburgh or the Lothians.

Who is Eligible?

Family carers can be any relative, friend or partner involved in caring for an over-16 with an ASC.

Who Can Refer?

Carers can self-refer or be referred by any third party, whether this is a friend, relative or organisation.

Taking the Initial Referral

  1. Carers can be referred by calling, emailing or writing to the Pasda office. A member of staff will take the carer contact details (name, address, contact telephone number, email) and then pass these on to a Pasda project worker.
  2. The Pasda project worker will contact the carer and ask if they would like an initial appointment either at their house or at Norton Park.
  3. If the carer would like an initial appointment, this will be arranged within 2 weeks of initial contact where possible.

Initial Appointment


The purpose of the initial appointment is to ascertain what the carer’s main concerns are and to outline what services Pasda can offer.

How it Works

At the initial appointment a Pasda project worker will go through the referral form with the carer gathering as much information as possible about their situation.

The project worker will gather comprehensive information about the caring situation, including the condition(s) that the family member with autism is diagnosed with, and any support services that they are currently involved with.

The initial appointment should serve to establish what the carer’s main concerns are at the moment.

At the end of the appointment, the project worker will summarise what has been discussed and any action points that have been agreed.

Action points might involve any of the following:

  • Signposting the carer to Pasda services (e.g. support groups, workshops, Connect, further 1-1 sessions)
  • Signposting the carer to external organisations
  • Referring the carer to external organisations (e.g. social work, counselling services)